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      Current position: Products
      Poly(vinyl chloride)

      Poly(vinyl chloride)

      1、 Product nature
      Appearance: white powder
      Relative density (specific gravity): 1.35-1.45
      Particle diameter: loose resin: 60-150 mm
      It can be burned and degraded in the flame, giving off hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, benzene and so on, but it will self extinguish when leaving the flame.

      2、 Quality index

      Number of impurity particles

      Superior products ≤ 16

      First class products ≤ 30

      Qualified products ≤ 60

      Volatile matter (including water)%




      Apparent density g / ml




      Residue% in 0.25mm mesh




      0.063mm mesh residue%




      Number of fish eyes / 400cm2




      Oil absorption




      Whiteness (after 10 minutes at 160 ℃)




      Residual vinyl chloride content UG / g




      3、 Main uses
      PVC resin is one of the largest varieties of synthetic materials. SG-5 is mainly used for hard pipe, monofilament, sleeve, wire, cable, film, sheet, flooring material, artificial leather and sealing material.

      4、 Packaging
      The modern automatic packaging technology is adopted. The electronic scale is used for automatic measurement: the first type is accurately measured by 25 ± 0.2kg/bag, and the packaging bag is made of three in one composite paper bag, which has good strength, is not easy to be damaged and can prevent moisture. The second type is accurately measured at 800 ± 2kg / bag. Polypropylene container bag is used for packaging bag, which has good strength, is not easy to be damaged, can prevent moisture, corrosion and save cost.

      5、 Storage and transportation
      The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse and stored separately in batches. It is not allowed to stack in the open air to prevent sun exposure and damp. This product is a non dangerous product and must be transported with clean and covered transportation tools to prevent rain.

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